Gougeres-bite size balls of cheesy choux pastry

Always a sucker for a new food store, and a French one at that, I popped in to Le Petit Marche in Newport when I had a spare five minutes last week. Beautiful wooden shelves were filled with jars.

Apricot jam.

Sometimes before the sun has risen and Thea wakes, I get out of bed early, take my laptop and a cup of tea out on to the deck and read my favourite blogs. It's still dark and usually a few cars pass.

An easy barbecued corn salad recipe.

Catering this sumer involved a lot of salads. Kilos of pumpkin and sweet potato, endless bunches of herbs, bags of almonds, pecans and pistachios and lots of corn. For one family in particular.

Lavender shortbread biscuits.

ou see, we were out for a run as I'm training for the Sydney marathon again this year, and passing a neighbours garden I spotted some lavender. Knowing how much Thea loves biscuits.

Savoury granola

Every Tuesday I look forward to the Good Food supplement in the paper. It's a weekly ritual of mine, to sit down in a comfortable spot and read it cover to cover.