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Ottolenghi’s trout tartare

  Jump to recipe   Last night, as the moon made its way across the ink sky, I shared dinner, fireside, outdoors, with a friend. Anna made me Ottolenghi’s trout tartare with cumin burnt butter and pistachios. I made dessert. Brought a bottle of wine. But what was so special about this meal is that […]

Pumpkin Tom Yum and releasing fear

Jump to recipe Seated on a cushion on the floor, my jeans too rigid to allow me to cross my legs, I lit my candle and called myself into the room. With my gaze low I took in the petals placed with reverence for the space on the bare wooden floor. A free flowing pink […]

An all time icing recipe

Someone told me, never cook for love. Food isn’t love. It’s fuel. Don’t give your energy away in your cooking. Keep your energy. Keep your love, for yourself. I entirely disagree. Food for me is so many things. It’s creative. It’s historical. It tells a story. Tells of place. Sparks memories. It creates community and […]

Brazil nuts, blue jeans and a broken heart. And some pesto.

The first man to break my heart isn’t the one you think. His name was Peter. The first time we met, he gave me a box of chocolates. I was embedded in my red cotton beanbag, cemented to the patterned eighties carpet, watching something on the TV, Top of the Pops maybe, which was housed […]