imageHi. My name is Clare and I’m slightly dotty about food. You see, food is not just fuel for the body. It’s passion. Memories. Traditions. Inspiration. Comfort. It’s about love. Giving love and receiving it. And it’s my first love. It’s what I do for a living and in my spare time. It’s what I read about, talk about and write about, here. Welcome.

My love for food was formed early on, sitting on the kitchen counter in my pyjamas frying papadums with my dad as a little girl, when I should have been in bed. Picking fresh mint from behind the greenhouse in my grandma’s garden, to mix with vinegar and a pinch of sugar to go with roast lamb. Watching with wonder as my grandpa dug potatoes up from out of the ground.

Years later at university, I constantly cooked for my friends and read recipe books like novels before bed. Upon graduating, I went to work in a French ski chalet, cooking four course dinners for 12 every night. And that’s where my fate was sealed. Boosted by compliments from my guests, I understood that cooking is what I love to do and started writing in my journal about the cafe that I was going to open.

Five years later, after gaining my chef’s qualification at the prestigious Pilu, I opened my cafe, with a beautiful red anaglypta feature wall, dark brown bentwood chairs and the name, Jammy Cow, written on the window in gold writing.

As I type this, I am no longer a cafe owner, selling the business just before I became a mama to Thea. Now I cater from a kitchen overlooking the sea on Sydney’s northern beaches. I also write here, about quick week night dinners, weekend baking recipes and easy dishes perfect for entertaining. There is no agenda, no plan, just the simple act of sharing what I do in the hope of being able to teach some of the things that I have learnt, connect with likeminded people and share the love of food.

And herbs and a lemon? Well they’re just my most favourite ingredients.

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